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Welcome to Coney Beauty Salon

Coney Beauty Salon is definitely your choice go to, all-in-one beautifying location for the best in facial treatment, best skin care products,rejuvenating massages and energizing beauty and slimming products as well as treatment. Our staffs are all certified by internationally renowned CIDESCO, so you’ll be guaranteed to be in good hands for all your treatments.


We take the beautifying process very seriously here and you will always be getting more then what you bargained for, thus leaving you truly satisfied with your end result.


Facial Treatment 面部治疗

A facial isn’t just a facial. Our extensive range of skin rejuvenating facials offers something for virtually anybody. Powered by the most up-to-date skincare technology and unparalleled international standards, we provide a range of services from skin care consultation and skin analysis to treatment of all types of aesthetic problem using the unique Skin Care Treatment System.


Looking good for a function is more a priority than a necessity. Leave the worry to us!

We specialize in facial treatment, eye lash perming, slimming program, eye treatment, waxing, ear candling, function make-up and hair do, bridal image & make up, back massage, mole remover, removed oil clog, face lifting treatment, neck firming treatment, eye lifting treatment, eye shaping & hand treatment.


We believe only in offering the latest and proven safe non-invasive technologies that can address virtually any skin concern. Our facial treatment solutions are based on carefully chosen treatments for each individual problem.


Our range of highly functional skin care products include: 我们的高功能性护肤产品包括:

•    Cleansing gel 清洁凝胶
•    Cleansing milk 洗面奶
•    Moisturizing toner 保湿爽肤水
•    Moisturizing cleanser 保湿洁面乳
•    Eye repair serum 眼部修复精华
•    Natural toner 天然爽肤水
•    Pimple gel 粉刺凝胶
•    Pimple treatment mask 粉刺治疗面膜
•    Natural serum 天然精华
•    Oxygen hydro serum 次滋润胶
•    Natural perfect 自然完美
•    Lifting emulsion 提升乳液
•    Oxygen moisturizing essence 滋润保湿精华
•    Natural sun protector SPF 25 天然防晒 SPF25
•    Body sun block SPF30 身体防晒SPF30
•    Cell renew serum 细胞更新精华
•    Purifying mask 净化面膜
•    Ampoules 安瓿
•    Purifying treatment mask 净化治疗面膜
•    Whitening mask美白面膜
•    Peeling mask 剥离面膜
•    Cool body firming gel 紧肤凝胶
•    Hot slimming cream 纤体霜
•    Whitening sea salt scrub and bust firming cream 美白海盐去角质和胸围紧肤霜
•    Slimming products 减肥产品
•    Make up products 彩妆品

Our services offer to you

Full Body Permanent Hair Remover 全身永久除毛
Scar Treatment 凹凸洞治疗
Pigmentation Treatment 祛斑治疗
Skin Rejuvenation Treatment 美白嫩肤
Pimple/Acne Treatment 暗疮治疗
Vascular Therapy 红血丝治疗
Eyebrow/ Eyeliner Tattoo 立体绘眉/眼线
Back Treatment 背部治疗
Full Body Whitening Treatment 全身美白治疗 
Oxygen Treatment 氧气治疗
Diamond Peel Treatment 钻石磨皮治疗

Skin Care Treatment 皮肤护理治疗:

For every individual skin type and skin concern, we’re there to help by offering different types of packages of skin treatments they include:


•    Skin care consultation 皮肤护理咨询
•    Skin analysis 皮肤分析
•    Teach customers for the products application 教客户对产品的应用
•    Reminders to customers for appointment 提醒客户预约

Coney Beauty Salon – We care more about others

Coney Beauty Salon – We care more about others

We strive to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors will be given the best a beauty salon has to offer. The whole customer experience is an essential part in the beautifying process. You’ll find that our qualified and attentive beauticians attitude and quality of service impeccable. Besides just serving the customer’s needs, the customer is also consulted and taught about the products that are being used in their treatments.



All our beauty products are sourced and imported from Germany thus ensuring that quality and effectiveness is well delivered in treatments. Before we even suggest a type of product to a particular customer, each customer’s needs and problem are assessed thoroughly to provide the right treatment to them.

The types of treatment that we carried out are done with the best attention to detail and skilfully executed by our beauticians. Machinery used in our treatment processes come with high end specifications and is deeply effective for a safe and rejuvenating facial and body treatment.