Benefit Of Stem Cell Face treatment
•Soothing & Calming effect. 舒缓及镇静的作用
•Brightening. 亮白
•Pain relief & Muscle relax.缓解疼痛和肌肉放松
•Pores refine.细化毛孔
•Boost up immune system, and blood circulation starts to improve.增强免疫系统,以改善血液循环
•Ideal treatment method for reducing skin irritations.理想的治疗方法,减少皮肤过敏
•from cleansing or depilation procedures. 从清洁或脱毛程序
•Penetration of active ingredients for multi layer.
•Re-structure skin cell.皮肤细胞重新构造

Benefits & Results:

Helps to increase absorption of any solution into the deeper layers of the skin.有助于增加皮肤深层的吸收

500 times more effective in delivering treatment transcendentally.在治疗皮肤有效的提供500倍以上。

Used with any solution such as treatment serums to treat skin hydration, rejuvenation, whitening, pigmentation, hair loss and many more.可用任何精华治疗皮肤以达到保湿,嫩肤,美白,色素沉着,脱发等

Convenience, comfort, no trauma (needle) and very effective absorption to that specific areas.方便,舒适,无创伤(针)和非常有效的部位吸收

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