LADIES! Coney Beauty Salon is your best choice for all-in-one-beautifying location. Check out these incredible beauty treatments!
A facial isn’t just a facial. Skin renewal facial & Skin miracle facial are treatments ideal for dull dry skin. The results of the treatments are instant collagen boost on your skin, makes your skin soft and it improves the skin’s hydration, tone elasticity and glow factor. Hair removal treatment is aimed to solve the problem of unwanted hair and it can be permanently!
Spacer VL RF treatment is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment aimed to diminishing problem areas on the face and body. Spacer VL RF treatment can have the effect of slimming, reshaping face and body, skin tightening, removing wrinkles and NO REQUIRE INJECTION.
Skin renewal facial @ RM88 (NP RM198)
Skin Miracle Facial @ RM68 (NP138)
Hair Remover Service @ RM78 (NP 198)

Limited slot available! The first to come, the first to be served! Consult Us Now!

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