An Innovative Stem Cell Lifting treatment 一个创新的脸部治疗:冷冻垫泳

Stem Cell Face treatment is based on Cryo-electrophoresis, implemented Combination therapy that potentially usable coupled with Cryo Therapy, Hot Therapy, Ionto-phoresis/Micro-Current, Electric Medium/Low Frequency Therapy and hot/cold electrical stimulation.

Stem Cell Face treatment facilitate circulation of blood, increase metabolism, and homeostasis under the cover of theory of contrastive therapy. So, it improve the condition of local area peripheral blood flow, circulation, metabolism and nutrition supply.


Benefit Of Stem Cell Face treatment
•Soothing & Calming effect. 舒缓及镇静的作用
•Brightening. 亮白
•Pain relief & Muscle relax.缓解疼痛和肌肉放松
•Pores refine.细化毛孔
•Boost up immune system, and blood circulation starts to improve.增强免疫系统,以改善血液循环
•Ideal treatment method for reducing skin irritations.理想的治疗方法,减少皮肤过敏
•from cleansing or depilation procedures. 从清洁或脱毛程序
•Penetration of active ingredients for multi layer.
•Re-structure skin cell.皮肤细胞重新构造

Benefits & Results:

Helps to increase absorption of any solution into the deeper layers of the skin.有助于增加皮肤深层的吸收

500 times more effective in delivering treatment transcendentally.在治疗皮肤有效的提供500倍以上。

Used with any solution such as treatment serums to treat skin hydration, rejuvenation, whitening, pigmentation, hair loss and many more.可用任何精华治疗皮肤以达到保湿,嫩肤,美白,色素沉着,脱发等

Convenience, comfort, no trauma (needle) and very effective absorption to that specific areas.方便,舒适,无创伤(针)和非常有效的部位吸收

Two pulse form modes

MC- Micro Current微电流
**applies the micro-current to the human body and helps the ionized solution to be absorbed well into the skin. (max. current: 100uA)
LF- Low Frequency/Medium Frequency低频率/中频率
**performs the function to help the ionized solution to be absorbed well into the skin by applying the pulse modulated low-voltage (max. voltage: 5-volt) to the human body, promote and improve face muscle tissue.

There are two polarities of ⊖ and ⊕.
Negative (-) polarity 负极
When using ⊖ polarity, the polarity for the hand probe is ⊖ and for the pad is ⊕when with the product of which solution is ionized in ⊖ polarity. (Most of the cosmetics are ⊖ polarity.)
Positive (+) polarity正极
When using ⊕ polarity, the polarity for the hand probe is ⊕ and for the pad is ⊖ when used with the product of which solution is ionized in ⊕ polarity.

Cardiac related conditions, e.g. pace-maker, all heart disease, etc.心脏有关的疾病,例如起搏器,所有心脏疾病等.

How to improve your skin problems:-
1) Firming 皮肤松垮
2) Scar 疤印
3) Wrinkle 皱纹细纹
4) Wide pores 毛孔粗大
5) Capillary dilation 红血丝
6) Freckle 色素斑
7) Flabby skin 肌肤粗糙
8) Skin whitening 肌肤暗黑
9) Dark eye ring 黑眼圈
10) Eye bag 眼袋

Caused by aging factors 造成老化因素
Self-factors (controllable factors): 自身因素 (可控制因素)
Refers to personal habits,etc, through their own efforts to help overcome; (指个人生活习惯等,可通过自身的努力来帮助克服:
Sleep,moisture,alcohol,stress,food (nutrition), toxins (drugs). 睡眠,水分,烟酒,压力,食物(营养),毒素(药物)

External factors (uncontrollable factors) : 外界因素(不可以控制因素)
Natural aging (age), sunlight, temperature, humidity,wind, pollution.自然老化(年龄),阳光,温度,湿度,风吹,污染)

Beauty is used before Placenta, laser, laser, Botox, surgery, cosmetic, skin care products. Now the beauty of the trend is to enter the era of medical beauty, that is, through medical principles and with high-tech equipment for customers to achieve the most beautiful young results. Before the traditional beauty practices can not do beauty problems, Now through high-tech equipment one-off solution, according to a photo, immediately see the results.

以前爱美是用羊胎素,雷射,激光, 肉毒杆菌, 动手术,整型, 护肤品.
现在的美容趋势是进入了医学美容时代, 就是通过医学原理并借助高科技仪器让顾客达到最美丽年轻的效果.
现在通过高科技仪器一次过解决了, 照一照, 马上看到效果。

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