First Trial: RM88, N/P: RM398
Suitable for skin problems of:
1. Sagging skin皮肤下垂
2. Wrinkles皱纹
3. Pregnancy Stretch Marks妊辰纹
4. Body Shaping 塑身
> 利用光速的引导,刺激胶原蛋白重组。胶原维收缩,使松弛的皮肤细纹被拉紧,从而达到美容去皱的目的,对松弛皮肤有收紧,下巴,颈部,手臂等局部皮肤松弛;
> 对于妊辰纹,臀部和大腿的橘皮样皮肤也有改观。
> 另外它对体形雕塑也能起到非常好的作用。
> 拉提紧致, V 脸看得见 ”重塑青春锁住6年“
***无需打针,无需动刀,无修复期 让您一次有着明显效果!
Key Benefits:
> Use the guidance of the light beam to stimulate collagen recombination.
> The collagen dimension shrinks, so that the fine lines of the loose skin are tightened, thereby achieving the purpose of beauty wrinkle removal, tightening the loose skin, and relaxing the local skin of the chin, neck, arms and the like;
> Reduce stretch marks, orange peel skin on the buttocks and thighs.
> Increase of body shapping.
***No Injection, No Surgery, One time can see the result!

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