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14th Anniversary Promotion
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This month promotion!!!
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December Promotion

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Benefit Of Stem Cell Face treatment
•Soothing & Calming effect. 舒缓及镇静的作用
•Brightening. 亮白
•Pain relief & Muscle relax.缓解疼痛和肌肉放松
•Pores refine.细化毛孔
•Boost up immune system, and blood circulation starts to improve.增强免疫系统,以改善血液循环
•Ideal treatment method for reducing skin irritations.理想的治疗方法,减少皮肤过敏
•from cleansing or depilation procedures. 从清洁或脱毛程序

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Nano Technology Treatment is an exciting skin rejuvenation treatment that dramatically fights acne and reduces scarring associated with acne, giving a clear, fresh look to the skin. Using the latest biotechnology, the treatment is scientifically proven to eliminate imperfections and fight bacteria associated with acne, restoring hormonal balance. Scienti...

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November Promotion !!!
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Here Are September Promotion!!

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National Day Promotion!!

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Mother's Day Promotion

Dear our valued customer,Coney Beauty Salon will be having a 12th Anniversary buffet party on this coming
09 april 2016 (saturday) start from 11am to 5pm.We will having a product promotion with value buy,facial treatment promotion and lucky draw event too!!Hope to see you there!!thank you!!

各位尊贵的顾客们,为了感谢您这些年来的支持与鼓励,本店CONEY BEAUTY SALON将在于4月9日(星期六)举办一场12周年回馈自助餐会。从早上11点开始至下午5点。当天会有产品回馈价优惠,服务促销,及幸运抽奖等!!希望到时能遇见您们噢!!谢谢!!