• Moisturising Toner
  • Moisturising Toner

Moisturising Toner

Brand: PF Skin Care


Moisturizing Toner a new moisturizing experience.Its unique formula provides a wonderful, sheer sensation on the skins, and thanks to highly concentrated microfine mositurizers, it moisturizers the skin all day.
Recommended use: Hold bottle in upright position, and spray approximate 7 inches from skin.
功效: 适合各种肌肤使用。平衡肌肤Ph值,美白保湿使用减轻干燥。它能保持毛孔洁净,收缩毛孔及平衡肤质及建立保护层防止水分流失。
用法: 洁面后,用棉片取适量轻拍面部至吸收即可。 

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