• Natural Sun Protector SPF 25

Natural Sun Protector SPF 25

Brand: PF Skin Care


SPF 25 daily sunscreen provides broad-spectrum sun protection. This ultra-smooth Z-Cote formula helps prevent sunburn from UVB radiation and protects against long-UVA rays linked to deep, premature skin aging and skin cancer. 
Recommended use: Clean the skin thoroughly before applying. Apply liberally at least 15 minutes before sun exposure and as needed. 
功效:能有效保护肌肤遭紫外线线侵害,富含SPF 25.同时能补充水份,淡化黑色素,令肌肤保持滋润嫩白及柔滑亮丽。不油腻及适用于各种肤质。

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