• Snail Calming Silk Mask

Snail Calming Silk Mask


With Super Aqua Serum containing the same active factor. combined with snail extracting collagen generation concentrate, Hyaluronic acid and so on, deep penetration to the skin cells, activate cells, replenish new growth needed nutrients to the soil and water, especially sensitive resistance formula, repair damaged cells, rebuild skin protection barriers, make skin watery and moving brilliant. Suitable to all type of skin, especially suitable for the damaged property sensitivity skin. 


Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, deionized water, glycerin, water saluble silicone oil, 1-3 butanediol, silk protein, allantoin, yeast fermentation product extract, vitamin C, vitamin E, angelica extract, rec myrrh alcohol anti allergic agent, snails extracting collagen regeneration concentrate, chamomile essential oil. 

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