• Purifying Mask

Purifying Mask

Brand: PF Skin Care


Purifying Mask is a creamy treatment mask for oily skin types that dissolve impurities white balancing oil production for a clear, matte complexion. Rich in a natural extract, this nourishing mask helps keep the skin clean and healthy, balancing oils levels, without causing dryness or irritation in skin. It also helps purge the skin of acne-causing bacteria, leading to fewer blemishes and breakouts.
Recommended use: After washing face with cleanser and warm water and towel drying, apply the skin surface. Allow mask to stay for 20 minutes, depending on the dryness condition of your skin, then rinse off with warm water followed by cool water rinse. 
用法: 洁面后敷脸 20-25 分钟, 清水洗净即可。

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