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You have the signs of aging now?

Our treatment effectively on :-
Breed collagen
Tightening and increasing elasticity of skin
Tightening skin, lifting canthus and removing wrinkles. 

Effective treatment and safe facial and body treatments.

Economic cost effective and safe are the main features VL-RF system.

VL-RF system is a comfortable and versatile application simple and intutive selections in remodeling and reju-venation treatments body -facial vacum system using bipolar radiofrequency and phototherapy in three application modes at a frequency 2.5 MHz and 250 W of power.


The system incorporates a triple synergistic application of bipolar radiofrequency vacum therapy and photo-therapy in one applicator,offering professionals a multi disciplinary tool concepts of global rejuvenation treatments and facial and body reshaping.

in its application vacum system enters the tissue treatment applicator thereby decreasing the resistance and imp​edance to the passage of radio frequency emission increasing its penetration capability in the treated tissue.

A further increase in cell oxygenation,nutrien exchange between fluids,fibroblast stimulation to increase the regeneration of collagen and elastin,the trabecular meshwork contraction dermal and their densification lipolytic effect and drainage are physiological effects of treatment application by the VL-RF system.



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