• Whitening Mask
  • Whitening Mask

Whitening Mask

Brand: PF Skin Care


Whitening mask is a luxurious, conditioning mask enriched with vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy, acids like citric and lactic acid. These natural acids aid the bleaching effect of certain properties, lightening and restoring your complexion to a new radiance. This gentle mask stimulates the skin's natural renewal processes, leaving your face feeling fresh, pure and clean. 
Recommended use: After washing face with cleanser ad warm water, and towel drying, apply the skin surface.Allow mask to stay for 20 minutes , depending on dryness condition of your skin, then rinse off with warm water followed by cool water rinse.


功效: 让肌肤更白更细更有光泽。有效改善肌肤色调不均, 去除细纹和黑头粉刺。保持肌肤洁白及亮丽。

用法:洁面后敷15-20 分钟,用清水洗净。

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